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Brooklyn Breezeway

“Breezeway” suggests a lightening of the bridge’s heavy modern load. But the expanse will work harder and more efficiently than ever--all without major modification.

Vision-NEW FINAL.jpg

The Brooklyn Bridge was originally dubbed “The 8th Wonder of the World.” Still, many people at the time wondered how such a structure so large could hold up: to allay those fears, P.T. Barnum led 21 elephants over the bridge to demonstrate its stability.

Today, the bridge suffers a different type of stampede. Brooklyn-bound traffic to the BQE is strained. Instagrammers abound in both directions. All while walkers, runners and bicyclists try to eke out their place amidst it all. We propose a reimagining not only of the bridge, its traffic patterns, and lane allotments; but also of its name: 

The Brooklyn Breezeway.

Where once existed traffic - for cars, pedestrians, runners and bikes - there will now be “flow.” The current of tourists will have spaces to slow and take in the views. Manhattan-bound traffic will remain smooth

Brooklyn/BQ-bound traffic will find a new frictionless off-ramp. Runners will be able to keep their pace. Cyclists will have a dedicated lane for commuting

The Brooklyn Breezeway will bring an airy quality to the performance of the bridge’s duties. It connotes air flow, openness, connection, and tranquility. 

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