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About us

Our goal is to make people think differently about our cities.

We organize work products into thematic flows to ensure we are continually aspiring for qualitative and systematic impact. Each project is a point along our journey to create a responsive urban environment. This ideas-based approach results in design across scales: from small urban objects to large master plans, from the creation of new businesses to policy impacts and cultural exchanges, from digital information portals to zoning interpretation. Nothing is too big or too small to be considered for its potential and lasting impact. 

We have built a culture that strives to alter, connect, and question without bounds. We continually change vantage points in order to evolve the impact and the business of design. Our team of designers, planners, and architects sees itself as a part of the continuum of urban thinker who understand that “place” matters. 

rePLACE Urban Studio was founded 8 years ago to challenge the traditional methods of urban design. We are a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with capabilities that range from sustainable design and economic analysis to place-based health research. rePLACE believes in a comprehensive, holistic approach to city planning: one that merges economics and policy with creative, thoughtful design.

The Team

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